BIC Symposium 2012

On November 8 2012, starting at 2 pm, the annual BIC symposium will be organized. You are cordially invited to attend this symposium!


Academic Medical Centre (AMC), Amsterdam
Ziedseszaal, B1-120


2 pm Welcome
Overview of BIC PhD theses 2012

Marieke Schouw
Pharmacological MRI in the assessment of the dopaminergic system

Dennis Heijtel
A direct comparison of arterial spin labeling perfusion with PET perfusion

Elsmarieke van de Giessen
Looking at the obese brain: neuroimaging in obesity

Fiorella Contarino
Is there a role for combined EMG-fMRI in exploring the pathophysiology of essential tremor and improving functional neurosurgery?

Sandra van der Salm
Functional MRI in movement disorders

Bart de Kwaasteniet
Structural and functional abnormalities within the frontolimbic network in major depressive disorder.

Zsuzsika Sjoerds
Alcohol dependence: habits and the brain

Janna Cousijn
Cannabis use, abuse, and dependence: Can we use (neuro)cognitive processes to predict cannabis use trajectories?

3.30 pm Tea break
4 pm BIC Lecture by Prof. Serge Rombouts

Intrinsic functional brain connectivity: early dementia and pharmacology

5 pm BIC Paper Award 2012
Closing remarks & Drinks