Amsterdam Neuroimaging Summer School 2012

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The Brain Imaging Center (BIC) of the AMC and the Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam (CSCA) jointly organize a summer school on Neuroimaging.

The summer school is sponsored by the CSCA.

Registration is closed. Participants have been informed on successful subscription.

Organizing committee

contact person: Laura Nawijn ((Enable Javascript to see the email address))
CSCA: Anouk van Loon, Andries van der Leij, Steven Scholte
AMC: Laura Nawijn, Jochem Jansen, Guido van Wingen, Matthan Caan

Travelling directions

Directions to summer school 2012


MATLAB pre-course: August 30th, L0-227, AMC.

Summer school:



Physiology of the BOLD signal (Aart Nederveen)
Experimental_design (Guido van Wingen)
Preprocessing and GLM (Steven Scholte)


Registration and Normalisation (Matthan Caan)
Multi-comparison correction (Hilde Huizenga)


MR-Spectroscopy (Anouk van Loon)
MR-Spectroscopy (Pieter Buur)
Segmentation, VBM, DARTEL (Matthan Caan)


Diffusion Tensor Imaging: fundamentals (Matthan Caan)
Connectome (Andries van der Leij)
Brain Networks (Lourens Waldorp)


Information-Based Analysis (Steven Scholte)
Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis (Sennay Ghebreab)


Real time information

Evaluation form

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