Esther D.A. van Duin

“Biological markers for psychiatric disorders in 22q11 copy number variation syndromes.”

Investigation of the (biological, neuropsychological and psychiatric) characteristics of 22q11 copy number variations (CNV’s): 22q11DS and 22q11Dup genetic syndrome. We examine the factors (including reward sensitivity, social behaviour and stress) that influence vulnerability for psychiatric disorders.

Using 1) PET-MRI imaging with [18F]fallypride to investigate cortical and striatal dopamine functioning 2) genetic analyses as part of the International 22q11.2 Brain Behaviour Consortium 3) Cambridge Cognition (CANTAB) and 4) Experience Sampling Method (ESM) to investigate the association between (traumatic) life events, genetic vulnerability and psychotic reactivity to stress.

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Project start: 09/2014
Position: PhD student
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