Damiaan Denys

Luka Liebrand

“Optimizing DBS in psychiatric patients: targeting of specific white matter bundles?”

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Paul Zhutovsky

“Discovering neuroimaging biomarkers for the prediction of treatment outcome in PTSD.”

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Dominique Scheepens


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Nina Levar

The Impact of Individual GABA variability on the Amygdala and Fear Learning

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Judy Luigjes

Deep Brain Stimulation in Chronic Treatment refractory Drug Dependence: A Pilot Study

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Arjan Schröder

Misophonia:an imaging study on the neurobiology and the efficacy of cognitive behavioural therapy

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Martijn Figee

Neuroimaging the effects of deep brain stimulation in OCD.

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Ruud Smolders

EEG and intracranial recording of local field potentials in the human Nucleus Accumbens

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